Dress Code

Dress Code
It can be tempting to wear what is most comfortable to class or easier to just grab clothes and go. But actually there are reasons why wearing the right clothes to class is important.

First, having the correct attire for class is respectful to instructors. It shows that students care about the class they are in, and that they are focused and ready to work on that instructor’s particular style and all they have to teach them.

Wearing the appropriate dance attire, tights and leotards and most importantly no extra or baggy clothes, is also necessary in order for instructors to see if the body is being held correctly, if the right muscles are being used and engaged, which in turn allows them to see what needs work and to give more precise and beneficial corrections in order to help their students grow.

This concept of wearing the right attire also applies to shoes. All dance shoes are different and are made specifically for their corresponding dance style. Turning in shoes is completely different from turning in socks. Shoes provide control during turns and can absorb shock from jumps and other moves.

So do not think of your dance clothes as an inconvenience but tools that create a better dancer.

Please note the following guidelines:
All hair must be secured away from dancer’s face.
Jewelry is not permitted, with the exception of stud earrings.
Jeans and short shorts are not permitted.

Click here for specific dance attire for each class.  

Studio J carries leotards, tights, and shoes.