Triple Threat Academy

Melody Makers (Ages 3-6) Music enhances the overall development of children from birth through adulthood. Begin the journey of musicianship with your child. This class will include singing, instruments, stories, movement, and simple music concepts.

Young Musician (Ages 7-11) The benefits of music education enhance academic, social, and emotional development. In this course age appropriate lessons in rhythm, movement, musical concepts, and stories will be taught. This class will have an end of the semester showcase.

Show Choir (7th grade+) The combination of singing, dancing, and performing all come together as students prepare for community performances. Opportunities for small groups, solos, and pull out dance moments will be offered in this class as students enhance their ability to become a “triple threat”. This class will have an end of the semester showcase.

Take A Bow (1st-6th grade) & Standing Ovation (7th-12 grade) This course is for students that are excited about singing, dancing, and acting! The application of theatre education, paired with musicianship and dance, will create confidence in students as they work toward performance of a final product. This class will be taught by a certified music educator with extensive experience in musical theatre and performance training. End of the semester show for Take A Bow is “Disney’s Frozen Jr.” and “Elf the Musical” for Standing Ovation. These classes will have a production fee of $100 due first month of each semester. This is a semester class that will re-enroll in January.