101 Dalmations Cast List

Roger: Addy Williams
Anita: Jersey Koch
Perdito: Morgan Rice
Pongo: LynnLee Meredith
Cruella: Lisie Floyd
Horace: Amelia Dougherty
Jasper: Bailey Bingman
Boxer Narrator: Kaylin Knutson
Scottie Narrator: Isabella Williams
Poodle Narrator: Norah Morrison
Chihuahua Narrator: Henning Suderberg

Nanny: Cheyenne Wagoner
Penny: Lorelie Koch
Pepper: Olive Powell
Lucky: Collins Ehrich
Freckles: Madeline Roan
Spotty: Brooke Hicks
Patch: Cy Powell

Dog Catcher: Gracie Michael
Police Officers : Grace Ortegan and Landon Merkel

Dogs of London & Twilight Bark:

Boxer 1: Gracie MIchael
Boxer 2: Isabella Sanders
Scottie 1: Ansley Frohling
Scottie 2: Abigail Brooks
Poodle 1: Paige Bingman
Poodle 2: Cheyenne Wagoner
Chihuahua 1: Evelyn Rodriguez
Chihuahua 2: Landond Merkel

Sgt. Tibbs: Grace Ortegan

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