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How is a show cast?

We want to provide insight to how casting is done. There aren’t enough leads for everyone and sometimes understanding the process helps in encouraging  the performers. We start with what we call the “corners” to the puzzle. These are usually the main characters in the piece. Once these puzzle pieces are put together we delicately move all the other pieces around until the right picture for the production comes into view. This takes a great deal of time and is not taken lightly. The goal is that every learner has a speaking and singing part. This means that many students are in multiple roles. Ensemble parts will be given as the show proceeds but each student can expect to be in an ensemble scene. Simply put, all actors will be getting a large amount of stage time.


How can I help my young actor?

Once the cast is set help your performer highlight their parts with them and practice them with them. Have them read lines to you at home, in the car, etc. Make it a part of your daily routine. The better the actors know their line, the more confident they will be on stage. All music is on the website under the Triple Threat tab please make it the soundtrack of your lives. This will help engrain the music into their minds making choreography and blocking days run smoother.

Triple Threat Theater Programs - Rehearsal and shows will be held at Studio J PAC June 8th-13th.

Each participant will be allowed two guests but the shows will be live streamed and recorded for all families.


101 Dalmatians- Rehearsal June 8th-12th  12:00pm-2:30pm;  Saturday, June 13th call time 1:00pm show at 2:00pm


Beauty and the Beast- Rehearsal June 8th-12th  2:45pm-6:15pm;  Saturday, June 13th call time 5:00pm show at 6:00pm


101 Dalmatians Update

Beauty and The Beast Update

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