Beauty and the Beast Cast List

Narrator 1: Grace
Narrator 2: Amani

Narrator 3: Katie
Narrator 4:Jersey

Belle: Ella

Maurice: Sarah
Beast: Mason
Gaston: Ashwin
LeFue: Kate M

Silly girl 1:Peyton
Silly Girl 2:Ayla
Silly Girl 3: Alayna
Silly Girls: Addy, Sarah, Olive, & Lorelai
Lumiere: Zach
Cosgworth: Erik

Mrs. Potts: Madison


Madame...…: Emilee
Chip: Norah
Old Begger / Enchantress: Olive
Monsiuer D'Arque: Lorelai

Shepherd Boy Solo: Grace
Milkmaid Solo: Amani

A mother (pg 101) : Katy
Villager (pg 107): Jersey 

Aristocratic Lady : Emilee

Fishman: Erik

Egg Man: Norah
Sausage Girl: Madison

Baker: Lexi

Hat Seller: Zach
Bookseller: Addy

Ensemble Soloists: Sarah & Addy

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