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Here’s what’s up this coming week - 

Oct 26 - Oct 30 "Dress Up/Costume" theme week – join the fun and wear a costume to class this week!  

***Please note – nothing scary, and something you can still move it!!!

LOBBY REMAINS CLOSED – Due to the continued climbing Covid-19 numbers, our lobby will remain closed until further notice.  We ask that only ONE parent bring a student in, and then you will need to leave the building once class begins.  You may return 5 minutes before class ends to observe and pick up.  Be sure you have joined your class’s Band App for updates and sneak peeks!  

***Only students who are 2 or 3 years old are allowed to have ONE parent stay in the building during class.

Thank you for your continued cooperation!

DANCE SHOES - With the weather changing it has become even more important that your student NEVER wears their dance shoes outside!  Please be sure to wear street shoes coming in and leaving the building.  This will protect your shoe investment, as well as our new floors!!  Thank you!

Important Dates

Nov 2 - Nov 6 "Fall Changes" theme week

Nov 9 - 13 "Share Our Plenty" theme Week

Nov 16 - Nov 20 "Grand Plie Gratitudes" theme week