Covid-19 Polices & Procedures

Studio J Performing Arts Center Covid-19 Policies and Procedures (updated 8/14/2020) In order to provide our Performing Arts Community with the best and safest experience, we are implementing the following practices with regard to Covid-19 and respectfully ask for your cooperation. Please keep in mind that these practices are subject to revision as more information becomes available. In making these decisions, we have taken into consideration guidelines laid out by the CDC, Oklahoma State mandates, as well as other resources.

Overview We intend to hold our 2020/2021 season in person in our new facility, with a virtual op=on for those families who may be high risk or are uncomfortable coming on site. If it becomes necessary for us to temporarily close the building, we will automatically switch over to our virtual studio in order to continue the season without disruption. You will be notified by email if such a change occurs. Tuition/performance fees will not be affected, nor will refunds be issued, however you may choose to formally withdraw according to Studio J policy which was provided to you upon registration and is available to view online at

Mask Policy Studio J PAC is an OKC business, therefore the current mask mandate applies to our facility. All persons over the age of 10 are required to wear a mask in the building. Teachers will be wearing masks in class. Students are strongly encouraged to wear their masks in class, however it will not be required with parent permission. You will be notified of any immediate changes to this policy no later than the week before classes begin.

Doing Our Part Studio J PAC staff will implement these practices: -Staff will be required to wear masks at all times. -Students/staff will have temperatures taken at the door. -Hand sanitizer will be made available and its frequent use encouraged. -Frequently touched surfaces will be cleaned hourly/between classes. -The entire facility will be cleaned and fogged with disinfectant nightly.

Doing Your Part Parents/students are asked to please observe the following practices: -Check temperature before leaving home. -Have your child use the restroom at home before class – our restrooms will be open, but we hope to minimize their use. -Students should bring their own water bottle (marked clearly with their name) to minimize use and touching of water fountain. -If you prefer that your child keep their mask on, please let us know at temperature check. -Personal items/additional dance wear should be kept to a minimum – students should be changing shoes only for multiple classes, not changing entire outfits. -Parents please encourage frequent hand washing/ sanitizer use as well as coughing/sneezing in elbow.

Drop off/Pick up Procedure and Lobby For the =me being, our lobby remains closed. Due to the number of students arriving for class at any given =me, only one parent/guardian will be permitted to bring in child and wait with them un=l class begins. Once class begins, you are asked to leave the lobby until 5 minutes before class ends. You may wait outside, in your car, or leave and return. (If you have a 2 or 3 yr. old student, one parent may wait in the building during their class). We do ask that you come in to pick up your child as we prefer not to allow children to run out into the parking lot unattended. **Parents of littles – we have found that it is best NOT to tell your child you are leaving. This practice will be transparent to them as you ordinarily wait outside the classroom and out of view anyway. Please be sure to have your cell phone on at all times should your child need you.

Sick Child Policy Due to the vast array of possible Covid-19 symptoms, we ask that your child not attend class if they show ANY signs of illness including but not limited to fever, coughing, sneezing, nasal discharge, vomiting, diarrhea, etc. Your child should also not attend if anyone residing with you shows symptoms or tests positive for Covid-19. If your student has potentially been exposed, we ask that you wait two weeks, or test negative before returning. Please remember, our ability to remain open and serve your family depends entirely on us working together, communicating openly, and observing these best practices. We appreciate your help and cooperation!