Friday 1/21/22

Hello, everyone! Warm greetings on this chilly morning! The snowflakes were swirling up here in the PAC last week - thanks for bringing the fun during Snow Flurry week! As our performance season nears, there are so many exciting things happening at Studio J, and so much you need to know! Don't miss on to stay informed about costumes, workshops and more!

What's coming up?

  • Jan. 24th-Jan. 28th: Freeze Week!- students will be working on fun activities that focus on balance this week!

  • SJ Company Show January 29-30 featuring Collective, Jr. Collective, Squad, and Boys Performance Crew

  • Recital Schedule Available beginning of February

  • Pom Prep Classes begin February 2nd...ages 12+

  • Take A Bow "Little Mermaid" Shows February 12-13

Pom Prep- Are you getting ready for tryouts or auditions? Are you wanting to work on your turn, leap, or kick technique? Join us for our Pom Technique Clinic starting next Wednesday, February 2nd for ages 12+. Register online here!

Costumes! We have begun passing out costumes as they come in! If your dancer doesn’t come home with a costume, no worries. It either isn’t here yet or is getting altered! Click here are for some costume care reminders!

Current Covid Policy - Subject to Change Mask Policy - Masking is optional but encouraged for students, visitors, and staff. Lobby Access- The lobby will remain closed until further notice, however, our 2 and 3-year-old students may be accompanied by one adult who remains in the lobby during class. All other parents/guardians will be allowed to come in to drop off students, but then leave during class and return 5 mins before class ends for pick up. Zoom Class- In order to accommodate students who are quarantined and cannot attend class in person, we will be posting Zoom links in the Band App. To access these links live, you must email your request to no later than 8:30 am for morning classes and 3 pm for afternoon classes on the day of that class. For security purposes, your camera must remain on during live Zoom. ***Sick Policy – As always, we ask that if your child displays any signs of illness including but not limited to fever, coughing, discharge, diarrhea, or vomiting, please do not attend in-person classes. Furthermore, if they or anyone residing with your student has been exposed to or shows symptoms of Covid-19, we ask that you follow the CDC guidelines before returning to in-person classes.

Upcoming dates...

Jan. 29th-30th: SJ Company Shows

Feb. 5th: Auto-pay (tuition & performance fees)

Feb. 12-13: Take A Bow Theater Shows "Little Mermaid"

March 1st: Summer Enrollment Opens

March 5th: Auto-pay (tuition & performance fees)

March 14-18: Spring Break- no classes

April 1st: 2022-2023 Season Enrollment Opens

Tentative Show Dates: Standing Ovation "Wizard of Oz"- April 30- May 1 Take A Bow "Broadway Review"- May 18 Spring Dance Recitals- May 14-21