Friday Reminder 2/18/22

Hello, Everyone!

Hope you are all feeling good and keeping warm! It was beautiful seeing you love one another this past week with Valentines, thank yous, and notes of encouragement! Let's continue to lift each other up as we prepare for recital season! And...congratulations to our theater students who performed in "Little Mermaid" last weekend! Fabulous performances, Take A Bow students, instructors, and assistants...BRAVO!!!

Please be sure to stay informed of all upcoming recital information and feel free to ask questions if anything is unclear! Here are your other reminders for next week...

What's coming up?

  • Feb 21-25: Positive Pals Week- Students will learn about giving encouragement and praise to each other in class!

  • We will be OPEN on Monday, February 21st!

  • Spring Break: March 14-18 (no classes)

  • Group and Individual Picture Week in recital costumes will be April 11-15: Schedule to come soon!

Spring Recital! We are so excited to share that this year's theme is "Rise" and the recital verse will be Isaiah 60:1

"Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord shines over you." We are also delighted to announce that this year’s Spring Recital will be held in our very own professional performance venue here at Studio J PAC! Our large stage, clean dressing areas, and state-of-the-art sound system will be sure to provide your dancer with an amazing, safe, and exciting recital experience, and our audience will enjoy spacious seating, photos ops, and the comforts of our beautiful lobby. Each show’s expected run time will be 45 minutes or less. If your child is in a combo class (ex. tap/jazz/ballet) they will be performing a separate dance for each style within their class’s scheduled recital. If your child takes more than one class, or if you have more than one student, they may be participating in more than one show. Please check the link for specific recital dates/times for each class. Each performer will receive a costume with tights, if needed, for each class, 4 tickets (per show) for the live performance, and their end-of-year award – all included in your monthly performance fee. We will also be providing a free live-stream option directly on our website for anyone not able to attend, as well as out-of-town family and friends. ***RECITAL TICKET WAITLIST – You may request additional recital tickets by following THIS LINK TO THE WAITLIST Ticket requests will close March 20th and waitlist notifications will be emailed out at the beginning of April. Please remember we will be offering a live-stream option for family and friends unable to attend! Please let us know ASAP if you will not be needing your 4 tickets so they can be offered to others who need them.

In addition, each student will be given a free recital shirt, a free professional digital download of their performance, and a small token of appreciation! Dates: May 15th-May 21st CLICK HERE FOR RECITAL SCHEDULE Location: Studio J Performing Arts Center – 2241 NW 178th St.

Spring Recital Costumes – We have begun passing out costumes as they come in! In the weeks to come, we will be doing final fittings and providing any necessary alterations. Accounts must be current in order to receive your costume, so please be sure to keep your card on file updated. If your dancer doesn’t come home with a costume, no worries. It either isn’t here yet or is getting altered! Click here for some costume care reminders!

Upcoming dates...

March 1st: Summer Enrollment Opens

March 5th: Auto-pay (tuition & performance fees)

March 14-18: Spring Break- no classes

April 1st: 2022-2023 Season Enrollment Opens

April 5th: Auto-pay (tuition & performance fees)

April 11-15: Picture Week (schedule coming soon)

May 13th: Last day of 2021-2022 classes

Show Dates: Standing Ovation "Wizard of Oz"- April 30- May 1 Take A Bow "Broadway Review"- May 18 Spring Dance Recitals- May 15-21

Current Covid Policy - Subject to Change Lobby Access- The lobby will remain closed until further notice, however, our 2 and 3-year-old students may be accompanied by one adult who remains in the lobby during class. All other parents/guardians will be allowed to come in to drop off students, but then leave during class and return 5 mins before class ends for pick up. Zoom Class- In order to accommodate students who are quarantined and cannot attend class in person, we will be posting Zoom links in the Band App. To access these links live, you must email your request to no later than 8:30 am for morning classes and 3 pm for afternoon classes on the day of that class. For security purposes, your camera must remain on during live Zoom.

Sincerely,Studio J Staff