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Friday Update 1/29/21

Hello, everyone!

Here comes February and we are praying you all good things in the month to come!!! February is Share the Love Month at Studio J on the lookout for ways to do just that!!!

Feb 1 - Feb 5 Love Hearts theme week - Students will have an opportunity to share what they love about dance/performing at Studio J PAC on hearts which will be displayed in our windows all month!


Here's something else to opportunity to earn some money for your student's account! This is a yummy product, and a great company - please don't miss out on this EASY fundraiser for your family!!!

Feb 1-5 - Double Good Popcorn Fundraiser!

Everyone can take advantage of this easy, online sale to raise money for your own dancer/performer! Here’s how: Purchases are made 100% online form each participant's Pop-Up Store. No door-to-door!

You earn 50% of what you sell. Your profits will be credited directly to your dance account.

Zero Product to Handle- Popcorn is made to order and ships to the doorstep of supporters, anywhere in the USA. How to Get Started 1. Download the App Download the Double Good app from the App Store or Google Play store. 2. Join the fundraising Event Use the 6-Letter Event Code to join Studio J PAC. 3. Share Your Pop-Up Store When the Event begins, you'll have 4 days to share your Pop-Up Store link with family and friends using text, social media, and email.

Event Name Studio J PAC Event Code EWUDVN Event Start Monday Feb. 1 @ 12:00 PM CDT Event End Friday Feb. 5 @ 12:00 PM CDT _________________________________________________

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