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March 23rd Newsletter

As Holy Week approaches, we take this moment to praise our King, the giver and redeemer of

life, our Savior, Jesus Christ.  We remember with gratitude the reason for our hope, and we pray peace, love, and joy over all of you!  How fortunate are we that we can praise and celebrate Him through the Arts and share His great love with our community!  Thank you for being a part of our Studio J PAC family!

Theme for next week: March 25-29th: Bring your favorite bible verse and share it with your class.


Recital Ticket Update: Tickets are required for each person unless they are 2 or under and will be sitting on the lap of an accompanying adult.  Each performer will receive 4 tickets (per show) for the live performance. RECITAL TICKET WAITLIST FORM – You may request additional recital tickets by following this link to the waitlist. Ticket requests will close April 5th at 5:00pm. Please remember we will be offering a live-stream option for family and friends unable to attend!

Tickets are free and will be distributed during picture week (April 15-19). If you know you will not need all four of your tickets, please let us know so we can offer them to others who do.

Each performer will receive a costume with tights, if needed, for each class, 4 tickets (per show) for the live performance, and their end-of-year award – all included in your monthly performance fee.  We will also provide a free live-stream option directly on our website for anyone unable to attend, as well as out-of-town family and friends.

In addition, each student will be given a free recital shirt, a free professional digital download of their performance, and a small token of appreciation!


Picture week is coming up, April 15-19th! Please see the picture week schedule here. There will not be classes during picture week, just group and individual pictures. Please bring all your dance shoes and costume pieces! Hair and Makeup for picture week are at your discretion. We ask that you try to pin their hair out of their face. We are super excited to see everyone's costumes again! If you do not have a costume yet, do not worry! We are on it!

Pictures from 2022 will be deleted the first week of April. If you would like to purchase photos from 2022, please click here. The images from 2023 will still be up through next year!

We are so excited that our Spring recital is coming up soon and our schedule has officially been released! Please click the link below to find your child's recital day/time.



Summer class & camp registration is open and filling quickly! Click here to view schedule...

Ballet Ball tickets are still on sale! Purchase here


Theater Performances:

Wednesday Take A Bow 4:15- Saturday, April 13th at  7:00pm

Wednesday Take A Bow 5:20- Sunday, April 14th  1:30pm

Wednesday Take A Bow 6:25- Sunday, April 14th  5:00pm


Monday Standing Ovation- Saturday, April 27th  4:30pm & 7:00pm


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