May 22nd Update

What a fun week it has been seeing you all at costume/award pick up - we have missed you so much!!!  If you have not yet picked up your costume and/or award and t-shirt, we ask that you do so either today, Friday, May 22, between 10-12 or 5-8pm or Saturday from 9-noon.  If you miss those times you will need to email us to schedule an alternate time.  Remember - ALL students will receive an award and a shirt free of charge, so YES, you should come if you haven't already!  (One exception - Triple Threat Theater students will receive theirs during production week.) Pick-up instructions - drive around back on the east side of the building to the attendant.  DO NOT COME TO FRONT ENTRANCE - BUILDING IS LOCKED.  Also, my apologies for mistakenly providing an incorrect number for questions - the studio number is anytime!!!

We are glad to announce that we are still on track to go forward with our mini recital performances as scheduled!  Here is what you will need to know...

Costume Info

Under the current circumstances, we will not be able to do our traditional fittings and alterations to recital costumes this year.  Please understand that costumes are not expected to fit perfectly, even under the best of circumstances, but will still look fabulous from the stage!  Here are some tips to help your student look and feel their best…

-When trying on costumes at home, please be gentle and do not pull on straps or overlays!  Please let us know right away if there are any major issues which cannot be fixed with safety pins and we will do our best to assist you.

-Your costume will come in a garment bag with all of the accessories and a new pair of tights (if required) will also be included.  YOUR ARE RESPONSIBLE for all of it once you leave with it, so check your bag carefully!  As with your dance shoes, all pieces should be labeled with your dancer's name to avoid any confusion over missing pieces.  (If there is not a hidden place/label to mark, apply a small piece of masking tape inside to write on.)

-The first rule of costume care is to HIDE IT, lol...don't tempt your tiny dancer by hanging it in their sight!  Allow them to try it on at home for family and then put it away in a safe place.  Open the bag to air it out, keep tutus hung upside down to fluff, and put them somewhere they cannot be damaged or lost.  

-Costumes should ONLY be worn for picture/dress rehearsal/recital day... then they are yours to enjoy freely!