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Studio J Assistant Teacher Program (SJ ATP)

Studio J's Assistant Teacher Program is an excellent way for our dancers to be more involved with dance in a different way.  Our training program is a way to help them develop both dance and life skills. Our trainees will:

  • Experience dance from a different angle

  • Enhance overall dance knowledge

  • Improve personal technical understanding 

  • Gain the ability to break down and communicate the “how and why” of the movement

  • Learn notation and documentation methods

  • Develop leadership and mentoring skills

  • Manage and lead a class and/or group

  • See value in all students, regardless of level 

  • Receive an overall introduction to education from a teacher perspective

  • Develop potential to make teaching a career.

SJ ATP Eligibility 

Our program has three levels: Junior Assistant, Assistant and Intern. The studio director and assistant director will place each dancer into their position based on age and experience. To join the program, students must: 

  • Be at least the minimum age; 10 years old

  • Must be able to attend training sessions

  • Have at least 2 years of class participation at Studio J

  • Be enrolled in a minimum of 2 classes per week (at least 1 ballet class is required) 

  • Commit to the entire season (September through May)

  • Agree to all program requirements and expectations 

  • Acquire parent or guardian approval for both program participation and the time commitment required

  • Maintain academic grades at a level required by the parent or guardian

  • Submit an application signed by both the student and his/her parent or guardian

Click here to fill out the application!

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