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Theme: LOVE 


And so we know and rely on the love God has for us. God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in them.

1 John 4:16

As auditoriums are closed and unavailable for rental, in addition to the CDC guidelines limiting the number of people allowed to gather, we will have a different kind of recital this year. Instead of the customary large format, we are planning to hold individual mini recitals in our own Studio J PAC performance venue!


The recitals will be held by one class at a time. (We are not yet sure if a small audience will be allowed...details to follow) Since classes have not been able to meet in person, they will have an opportunity to run through their dance together a few times immediately before their performance. Students will be in full costume, and we will also be taking their recital pictures at this time.  Each performance will be captured on video and live streamed. All the videos will then be edited into one cohesive show and you will also receive a link to download your individual class video too! As Oklahoma begins the process of re-opening by phases, we want to give you an update of what to expect in the upcoming weeks for Studio J PAC. 

Here is the tentative plan for the last month of classes and the 2020 recital/showcase:

May 4-22 – Online live Zoom classes will continue at regularly scheduled times.

May 18-23 – Costume, Awards, and Recital Info Pack pick up week.  We will open for a drive thru only pick up based on student’s last name initial.  Parents will be provided with a drive-thru map with instructions on the May 15th email.  


Tentative schedule as follows:

     Mon 5/18 – A-C    10am-12pm and 5pm-8pm

     Tues 5/19 – D-H     10am-12pm and 5pm-8pm

     Wed 5/20 – I-M    10am-12pm and 5pm-8pm

     Thurs 5/21 – N-T    10am-12pm and 5pm-8pm

     Fri 5/22 – U-Z        10am-12pm and 5pm-8pm

     Sat 5/23 – Last call for anyone who missed their scheduled time.  9am-12pm

Click here to download the recital/showcase schedule!

Tuesday, May 26th

Recital TimeClass Day/TimeTeacher

9:00am-9:45amTuesday Beginning Combo 10:00amMs. Karli

10:05am-11:05amTuesday Mini Tap/Jazz/Ballet 10:30amMs. Alex

11:25am-12:10pmTuesday Beginning Combo 11:00amMs. Karli

3:00pm-4:00pmTuesday Mini Tap/Jazz/Ballet 4:00pmMs. Carly

4:20pm-5:05pmTuesday Elem. Ballet 5:00pmMs. Carly

5:25pm-6:15pmTuesday Mini Ballet/Jazz 6:00pmMs. Kenzie

6:35pm-7:20pmTuesday Elem. Contemporary 6:30pmMs. Chloe

7:40pm-8:30pmTuesday Teen Hip Hop 7:30pmMs. Karli

Wednesday, May 27th

Recital TimeClass Day/TimeTeacher

9:00am-9:45amWed. Homeschool Ballet Ages 9-11 12:45pmMs. Karli

10:05am-11:05amWed. Homeschool Tap/Jazz/Ballet Ages 6-8 2:15pmMs. Karli

11:25am-12:10pmWed. Homeschool Jazz Ages 9-11 1:30pmMs. Karli

12:40pm-1:40pmWed. Tap/Jazz/Ballet Ages 4-5 2:45pmMs. Alex

2:00pm-2:45pmWed. Beginning Combo 1:45pmMs. Alex

3:05pm-3:50pmWed. Beginning Combo 4:00pmMs. Alex

4:10pm-5:00pmWed. Acro I 4:15pmMs. Karli

5:20pm-6:20pmWed. Mini Tap/Jazz/Ballet 5:30Ms. Maleah

6:40pm-7:30pmWed. Intermediate Ballet I 4:30pmMs. Megan

7:50pm-8:30pmTuesday Show Choir 6:15pmMs. Angie

Thursday, May 28th

Recital TimeClass Day/TimeTeacher

2:00pm-2:40pmJ DancersMs. Meredith

3:00pm-4:00pmThurs. Mini Tap/Jazz/Ballet 4:00pmMs. Alex

4:20pm-5:20pmThurs. Mini Tap/Jazz/Ballet 4:30pmMs. Isabella

5:40pm-6:30pmThurs. Mini Ballet/Jazz 5:00pmMs. Carly

6:50pm-7:40pmThurs. Elem. Ballet 6:30pmMs. Carly

8:00pm-8:50pmThurs. Int. Hip Hop 6:00pmMs. Karli

9:10pm-9:50pmThurs. Pointe Class 8:45pmMs. Summer

Friday, May 29th

Recital TimeClass Day/TimeTeacher

9:00am-9:45amFriday Beg. Combo 10:00amMs. Alex

10:05am-11:05amFriday Mini Tap/Jazz/Ballet 10:30amMs. Karli

11:25am-12:10pmFriday Beg. Combo 11:00amMs. Alex

3:00pm-3:50pmFriday Elem. Hip Hop 4:00pmMs. Erica

4:10pm-5:00pmFriday Mini Ballet/Jazz 4:15pmMs. Karli

5:20pm-6:10pmWed. Mini Ballet/Jazz 6:00pmMs. Karli

6:30pm-7:10pmFriday Elem. Ballet 5:30pmMs. Erica

Saturday, May 30th

Recital TimeClass Day/TimeTeacher

9:00am-9:45amThursday Intermediate Jazz I 5:00pmMs. Erica

10:05am-10:55amMonday Mini Ballet/Jazz 5:30Ms. Maleah

11:15am-12:05pmThursday Intermediate Ballet II 6:45amMs. Erica

12:45pm-1:35pmThursday Intermediate Contemporary 5:45pmMs. Alex

1:55pm-2:45pmThursday Intermediate Jazz II 7:30pmMs. Erica

3:05pm-3:55pmThursday Intermediate Ballet I 6:30pmMs. Alex

4:15pm-5:05pmThursday Elem. Tap/Jazz 5:45pmMs. Erica

5:25pm-6:15pmWed. Elem. Ballet 6:00pmMs. Megan

6:35pm-7:25pmThurs. Intermediate Jazz I 7:15pmMs. Alex

7:45pm-8:35pmMonday Adv Ballet 7:45pmMs. Chloe

Sunday, May 31st

Recital TimeClass Day/TimeTeacher

1:00pm-2:00pmMonday Mini Tap/Jazz/Ballet 6:15Ms. Maleah

2:20pm-3:10pmMonday Elem. Ballet 4:15pmMs. Carly

3:30pm-4:20pmMonday Intro to Acro 4:30pmMs. Karli

4:40pm-5:30pmMonday Mini Hip Hop 5:15Ms. Karli

5:50pm-6:40pmMonday Boys Hip Hop I 6:30pmMs. Karli

7:00pm-7:50pmMonday Adv Jazz 6:45pmMs. Chloe

8:10pm-9:00pmMonday Boys Hip Hop III 7:45pmMs. Malia

Monday, June 1st

Recital TimeClass Day/TimeTeacher

3:00pm-3:50pmMonday Teen II Ballet 4:00pmMs. Natalie

4:10pm-5:00pmMonday Mini Ballet/Jazz 4:30pmMs. Selvy

5:20pm-6:20pmMonday Mini Tap/Jazz/Ballet 5:45Ms. Carly

6:40pm-7:30pmTuesday Elem. Hip Hop 6:15pmMs. Katie

7:50pm-8:40pmMonday Teen Ballet I 6:30pmMs. Katie

9:00pm-9:50pmMonday Teen II/Adv Contemporary 6:00pmMs. Alex

Tuesday, June 2nd

Recital TimeClass Day/TimeTeacher

3:00pm-3:50pmTuesday Intermediate Hip Hop 4:30Ms. Karli

4:10pm-5:00pmTuesday Intermediate Ballet II 5:15pmMs. Megan

5:20pm-6:10pmTuesday Elem. Tap/Jazz 5:45pmMs. Chloe

6:30pm-7:20pmTuesday Intermediate Jazz II 6:00pmMs. Karli

7:40pm-8:30pmTuesday Intermediate Hip Hop 6:45pmMs. Karli

8:50pm-9:40pmMonday Teen Jazz II 5:00pmMs. Alex

Wednesday, June 3rd

Recital TimeClass Day/TimeTeacher

3:00pm-3:50pmWed. Mini Ballet/Jazz 4:15pmMs. Sarah

4:10pm-5:00pmWed. Lil' Tap/Hip Hop 4:45pmMs. Alex

5:20pm-6:10pmWed. Beginning Combo 5:30pmMs. Alex

6:30pm-7:20pmWed. Mini Hip Hop 5:00pmMs. Sarah

7:40pm-8:30pmWed. Acro II 5:00pmMs. Karli

Thursday, June 4th

Recital TimeClass Day/TimeTeacher

3:00pm-3:50pmThursday Mini Hip Hop 4:30Ms. Carly

4:10pm-5:00pmThursday Intermediate Ballet I 4:15pmMs. Erica

5:20pm-6:10pmThursday Elem. Hip Hop 5:00pmMs. Alex

6:30pm-7:20pmThursday Intermediate Hip Hop 7:15pmMs. Karli

7:40pm-8:20pmThursday Adv Hip Hop 8:00pmMs. Karli

Friday, June 5th

Recital TimeClass Day/TimeTeacher

4:00pm-4:50pmFriday Elem. Tap/Jazz 4:45Ms. Erica

5:10pm-5:55pmTuesday Beg. Combo 5:15Ms. Karli

6:15pm-7:00pmMonday Tap I 6:15pmMs. Brooke

7:20pm-8:00pmMonday Tap II 7:00pmMs. Brooke

8:15pm-9:00pmMonday Tap III 7:45pmMs. Brooke

Saturday, June 6th

Recital TimeClass Day/TimeTeacher

9:00am-9:45amMonday Beg. Combo 5:30pmMs. Katie

10:05am- 10:55amMonday Elem. Tap/Jazz 5:00pmMs. Carly

11:15am-12:05pmMonday Teen Jazz I 7:30pmMs. Alex

12:25pm-1:15pmMonday Elem. Hip Hop 5:45pmMs. Karli

1:45pm-2:35pmMonday Teen Contemporary 8:30pmMs. Alex

2:55pm-3:45pmWed. Elem. Ballet 4:30pmMs. Carly

4:05pm-4:55pmMonday Boys Hip Hop II 7:00pmMs. Karli

5:15pm-6:05pmWed. Intermediate Jazz I 5:15pmMs. Megan

6:25pm-7:15pmWed. Elem. Tap/Jazz 5:15pmMs. Carly

7:35pm-8:25pmMonday Intermediate Hip Hop 6:45pmMs. Carly

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