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Spring Recital

Spring Recital Dates: May 17-24
The recital schedule is ready! Click here

Our Spring Recital will be held in our very own professional performance venue here at Studio J PAC!  Our large stage, clean dressing areas, and state-of-the-art sound system will be sure to provide your dancer with an amazing, safe, and exciting recital experience and our audience will enjoy spacious seating, photo ops, and the comforts of our beautiful lobby.  


Each show’s expected run time will be 45 minutes or less.  If your child is in a combo class (ex. tap/jazz/ballet) they will be performing a separate dance for each style within their class’s scheduled recital.  If your child takes more than one class, or if you have more than one student, they may be participating in more than one show. Please check the link for specific recital dates/times for each class.


Each performer will receive a costume with tights, if needed, for each class, 4 tickets (per show) for the live performance, and their end-of-year award – all included in your monthly performance fee.  We will also be providing a free live-stream option directly on our website for anyone not able to attend, as well as out-of-town family and friends.


***RECITAL TICKET WAITLIST: Opening Soon (March 1st)– This season, tickets are required for each person unless they are under the age of 2 and will be sitting on the lap of an accompanying adult.  You may request additional recital tickets by following the link that will be available on March 1st. Ticket requests will close on March 20th, and waitlist notifications will be emailed out at the beginning of April. Please remember we will be offering a live-stream option for family and friends unable to attend!


Please let us know ASAP if you will not need your 4 tickets so they can be offered to others who need them. 

In addition, each student will be given a free recital shirt, a free digital download of their performance, and a small token of appreciation!