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Christmas Celebration

Christmas Celebration!

December 3rd at Mitch Park Amphitheater

Our Christmas Show is a Studio J family

celebration. This program is free to our dancers

and families and is meant to be a celebration of

the season. Our beginning combo dancers through

intermediate students will participate in this event.

This event is either held at the amphitheater at

Mitch Park (weather permitting) or in our very own

Performing Arts Center. Dancers wear all black and

a snow hat and gloves. 

Scroll down for show orders!


When to arrive…
Please arrive 20 mins before your scheduled showtime to allow yourself time to walk from the parking lot and find a spot to set up your lawn chairs and blankets.  We will be running several shows back to back, so we do ask that you clear all of your belongings following each show to allow the next group of families to get situated.


Your dancer will sit with you, and instructions will be given on when to line up to perform.  Dancers will return to you following their number.


What to wear:

ALL dancers will be wearing anything black along with winter hats and gloves/mittens – any color, any style. THEY DO NOT HAVE TO WEAR LEOTARDS or regular dance attire! Leggings, sweats, shirts, hoodies, sweaters, fleece, etc. are all just fine! Be sure to layer up for this outdoor event! Dancers should wear street shoes until seated, then they should change into the appropriate dance shoes for their performance. They will also be permitted to wear coats or wrap up in blankets until they line up to perform and then put them back on after.

Pre-ordered sweatshirts will be handed out during class the week of Nov. 28 - Dec. 2. 
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