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April 3rd Newsletter

SJ Company

At Studio J, it is our joy to share our passion with dancers who enjoy it as much as we do. Over the last several years, we have built our companies to be a community where we can lean and depend on each other when needed. Our students can explore many dance styles, and as their technique develops, we offer students the opportunity to join our company. Most importantly, we provide a program where our students learn important life skills such as caring for one’s body, building self-esteem and self-confidence, and working as a team. If your dancer is interested in participating in dance and having more performance opportunities, we would love to invite you to our company parent meeting! The meeting will be on Thursday, April 25th at 7:00 pm.


Picture week is coming up, April 15-19th! Click here for the picture week schedule. There will not be classes during picture week; there will be just group and individual pictures. Please bring all your dance shoes and costume pieces! Hair and Makeup for picture week are at your discretion. We ask that you try to pin their hair out of their face. We are super excited to see everyone's costumes again! If you do not have a costume yet, do not worry! We are on it!

Pictures from 2022 will be deleted the first week of April. If you would like to purchase photos from 2022, please click here. The images from 2023 will still be up through next year!


We are so excited that our Spring recital is coming up soon and our schedule has officially been released! Please click the link below to find your child's recital day/time.


Theater Performances:

Wednesday Take A Bow 4:15- Saturday, April 13th at  7:00pm

Wednesday Take A Bow 5:20- Sunday, April 14th  1:30pm

Wednesday Take A Bow 6:25- Sunday, April 14th  5:00pm


Monday Standing Ovation- Saturday, April 27th  4:30pm & 7:00pm



Summer class & camp registration is open and filling quickly! Click here to view schedule...

Ballet Ball tickets are still on sale! Purchase here


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