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November Newsletter

Happy November! We have so much to be thankful for this year and we are extra thankful for all of our wonderful studio families!

Our yearly Double Good Popcorn fundraiser begins on Nov 1st and ends on Nov 5th! See information below on how to get started!


Double Good Popcorn Fundraiser

Everyone can take advantage of this easy online sale to raise money for their own dancers/performer! Here’s how:

Purchases are made 100% online from each participant's Pop-Up Store. No door-to-door!

You earn 50% of what you sell. Your profits will be credited directly to your dance account.

Zero Product to Handle- Popcorn is made to order and ships to the doorstep of supporters anywhere in the USA.

How to Get Started

1. Download the App

Download the Double Good app from the App Store or Google Play store.

2. Join the fundraising Event

Use the 6-Letter Event Code to join Studio J PAC.

3. Share Your Pop-Up Store

When the Event begins, you'll have 4 days to share your Pop-Up Store link with family and friends using text, social media, and email.

Event Name Studio J Performing Arts

Event Code KREWYK

Event Start Tuesday, Nov. 1 @ 12:00 PM CDT

Event End Saturday, Nov. 5 @ 12:00 PM CDT


Christmas at the Park Dance Celebration - December 3 - Mitch Park Amphitheater (Beginning Combo through Intermediate Classes)

**Click Here For The Performance Schedule**

What to wear:

ALL dancers will be wearing anything black along with winter hats and gloves/mittens – any color, any style. THEY DO NOT HAVE TO WEAR LEOTARDS or regular dance attire! Leggings, sweats, shirts, hoodies, sweaters, fleece, etc. are all just fine! Be sure to layer up for this outdoor event! Dancers should wear street shoes until seated, then they should change into the appropriate dance shoes for their performance. They will also be permitted to wear coats or wrap up in blankets until they line up to perform and then put them back on after.

It's time to order our annual Studio J PAC Christmas Celebration sweatshirts! Dancers are permitted to wear this shirt for their Christmas at the Park Celebration performance. Pre-orders are due November 5th. We do not order extras, so please be sure to get yours today! Cost is $25 plus tax. Payments will be charged to your Studio account after order is submitted. Here's the link to order: Sweatshirt Order Form