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September 30th Newsletter

We have had so much fun dancing with you this week, and we can't wait for all of the exciting things coming up soon!


Christmas at the Park Dance Celebration - December 2nd - Mitch Park Amphitheater (Twinkle Toes through Intermediate Classes)

Our Christmas Show at Studio J is a special family celebration! It's free for our dancers and their families and is all about embracing the joy of the season. Participants from our Twinkle Toes dancers up to our Intermediate students will be taking part in this event.

Please note that our Twirling Twos and Acro classes will not be performing in the Christmas show.

​The event will be at the Mitch Park Amphitheater, weather permitting. If the weather doesn't cooperate, we have the option to use our very own Performing Arts Center. For this festive occasion, dancers are asked to wear all black attire along with a snow hat and gloves. We can't wait to share this wonderful celebration with you and your family!

What to wear: All dancers will wear all-black clothing along with a winter hat and gloves/mittens in any color or style. Additionally, they have the option to purchase our annual Studio J Christmas Sweatshirt. For this event, there's no need for leotards or regular dance attire. Leggings, sweats, shirts, hoodies, sweaters, fleece, and similar items are all perfectly fine! Since it's an outdoor event, we recommend layering up to stay warm. Dancers should wear their street shoes until they're seated. After that, they should change into the appropriate dance shoes for their performance. Coats or blankets are allowed to keep warm until it's time to perform, and they can put them back on afterward. We want everyone to stay comfortable and cozy while enjoying the event.​


It's that time of year to order your annual Studio J PAC Christmas Celebration sweatshirts! Dancers

can proudly wear this shirt for their Christmas at the Park Celebration performance. Please remember that we don't order extra sweatshirts, so make sure to place your order by November 3rd to secure yours. The cost is $28 plus tax ($32 for 2XL). Payments will be charged to your Studio account for your convenience. Don't miss out on this opportunity to get your special sweatshirt for the holiday celebration! Here's the link to order: Click here for the Sweatshirt Order Form


Weekly themes:

October 2nd-13th - Mind your Manners - Over the next couple of weeks, we will continue working on manners in class and how to use please, thank you, yes ma'am/no ma'am!

What's ahead!

September 30th - Christmas sweatshirt pre-orders begin

October 2nd- Dancers ages Twinkle toes through Intermediate level classes will begin learning their Christmas dance in class for Christmas in the Park! Christmas in the Park will be held at Mitch Park in Edmond on Saturday, December 2nd.

October 5th- Auto-Pay Tuition

October 18th-23rd- Studio closed for Fall Break

October 31st- Studio closed for Halloween

Nov 3rd - Christmas sweatshirt pre-orders close

Important Dates - Click here to download the yearly calendar, which includes performance dates, dress-up weeks, and all other important dates!


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