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Spring Recital Newsletter

Spring Recital!Dates:  May 13th-May 19th

Location:  Studio J Performing Arts Center 


Hey Studio J Fam!

Dress rehearsal has been amazing, and now our dancers are REALLY excited to perform for you at their recitals!  Here are some details you'll need to know...


May 13 – 19 – Recital Week – NO CLASSES!


Recital Parking - Parking is somewhat limited, so we do ask that you carpool with those in your

party if possible. We do respectfully request that you not arrive too early, or stay after so that each show's participants have room to park.  Please only park at the studio and not at any of the surrounding businesses. For our weekend recitals, please only park at the studio and Christian Karate Academy. You may park out front, on the east side, and along the curb behind the building. 

Recital Hair/Makeup - Hair should be pulled back out of the dancer's face (ex. ponytail, bun, half pulled back, etc.) and any accessories (except ponytail holders) should be placed on the child's right side.  Make up is the parent's choice, although we do recommend a little cheek/lip color as the stage lighting can make performers appear washed out.

Recital Live Stream - We are so excited to be providing a live stream option for every show right on our website - no passwords required!  Just go to and click watch.  You will also be sent a free digital download, so video/flash photography is not permitted.  Let us do the work so you can be present and enjoy the show!

Recital Tips: 

  • Be sure your child's name is on all of their belongings!  Place your child's dance shoes in a plastic zip bag with their name on it and transport extra costumes in the labeled garment bag we provided- no need to send in dance bags or other personal items.  

  • Dancers should arrive fully dressed (except for shoes) and ready to go.  Here is the link to the actual show order so you know which costume to wear first if your child is in multiple/combo classes: Show Orders 

  • Dancers in more than one class should layer their tights for easy costume changes.   

  • Be sure your child has used the restroom before dropping them off in their dressing room.  

  • Doors will open 10 mins prior to showtime.  EVERYONE MUST HAVE THE CORRECT WRISTBAND ON TO ENTER. Lap children do not need a wristband. Each dancer will be receiving a gift bag that will be placed outside to pick up before the doors open and parents should hang on to it until after the show (The programs will be inside your bag). Dancers will be directed to dressing rooms; guests will go to the auditorium.  

  • Each show is expected to last only 30-45 mins.  Following the show, please send one parent to pick up your child and belongings from the dressing room.  Students age 3-11 (Twinkle Toes thru Intermediate classes) will not be permitted to leave the dressing room alone.  Older students may come out to meet you after the show.  

  • It is perfectly appropriate and encouraged to cheer on the dancers before, during, and after their performances!!!  


It is not too late to order your dance pictures!...

Reshoot Day, and ALL OTHER photos have been posted to our website for you to view and order.  Remember, Reshoot day photos have their own album. Scroll to the bottom for Album 90 Reshoot Day.

Do this: 

Things to know:

  • Editing is available.  If you want a photo retouched, email the desired change and image number to  I will make the changes and post the photo back to the website for you to order from.  Alternatively, you can place an order and leave a note for me in the NOTE section.

  • The Class/Dancer composite is intended to print as an 8x10.  Other print sizes will have some unfortunate cropping.

  • The 3 image composite is intended to print as a 5x10, 8x16, 10x20, or 15x30 only.  

  • Custom composites are available.  If your dancer is in several classes and you want a single print composite designed, email me at with the image numbers you'd like and your phone number.  I'll give you a call and we'll work out the details together.

I'm here to help.  Please reach out to me with any questions you may have. I am also available by text at 405-401-5510.


May 5 - Tuition/Performance Fees Due - Autopay clients, please be sure to have a current card on file.  You may call us at 405-348-3377 to update. All accounts must be current for dancers to perform in the spring recital.


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